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    Feel Before You Fix

    A successful physician, Jack is admired and praised by colleagues and clients. Patients often tell him how grateful they are for his ability to diagnose — and fix — conditions that afflict them. He’s less successful at home, however. He loves his wife, Jennifer, but when she shares her exhaustion around managing her responsibilities at […]

    The Hidden Dangers of Meaning Well

      The day Becky unexpectedly lost her job, her first reaction was shock. Worse, her husband Bill, who was struggling with multiple sclerosis, was barely able to move — much less work. How would she tell him?   So Becky decided not to tell Bill until she could get another job, when there was a […]

    Sexual Myth-buster: Emily Nagoski’s Come as You Are

    A lot of science has been done on female sexuality, but many people act on and are affected by damaging beliefs shaped by shopworn myths and stereotyped media portrayals. The book Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski, Ph.D., has helped a number of my clients unwind that thinking. You might assume I recommend Nagoski’s […]

    I Just Don’t Feel Like Being Around Anyone Right Now

    “I just don’t feel like being around people. I want to sit at home and read or watch TV by myself. Is there something wrong with me? Am I okay?”   This is a common question I hear from individuals dealing with difficult life events. My first response is, “Yes, you’re okay. That inclination can […]

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