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    Infidelity: In the Eye of the Beholder

    Are you guilty of infidelity? While the conventional definition of infidelity is an intimate act with someone who’s not your partner, there are many other things that can damage trust. Whether or not sex is involved, you can — perhaps unintentionally — cause an attachment injury with severe consequences for your relationship.   An attachment […]

    The Science of Happiness

    Results of a multiyear study of happiness — the longest ever done — are in. The Harvard Study of Adult Development began in 1938 and has followed hundreds of people to help discover what makes them thrive.   The research found that what made the most difference in participants’ lives, what made them happy, was […]

    Help Me Help You

    Making the decision to engage in couples therapy can be difficult. You might feel it’s an admission that you’re somehow failing as a partner, or that your partner is failing you. But reaching out for professional help is a positive step — it means you care about the relationship.   Having made the decision to […]

    Finding Your Unique Path Through Grief

    Grief is a natural part of life. Inevitable losses — of a spouse or relationship, a pet, a friendship — can provoke pain and a sense of profound emptiness. While there’s plenty of well-meaning “how to” information available, grief is a unique experience for every individual, so being sensitive to your unique circumstances and reactions […]

    Put Feelings Before Figures When Fighting Over Finances

    More than four in 10 married couples in the U.S. report that they argue about money. So if you and your spouse are fighting about how much to spend on your upcoming theme park vacation or whether you can afford a new SUV, you’re not alone. Money fights are notorious for the stress they can […]

    Feel Before You Fix

    A successful physician, Jack is admired and praised by colleagues and clients. Patients often tell him how grateful they are for his ability to diagnose — and fix — conditions that afflict them. He’s less successful at home, however. He loves his wife, Jennifer, but when she shares her exhaustion around managing her responsibilities at […]

    Living — Together — With ADHD

      Living with a partner who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or living with a partner while having ADHD, can be challenging at times. Compensatory ADHD strategies can work well for both individuals and the relationship. Remember, you’re in this together.   ADHD is a cluster of behaviors that can include hyperactivity, difficulty maintaining […]

    Feeling vs. Fixing

      When Joe suggested that his wife Anita hire another worker for her business, he was trying to be helpful. So he was surprised by her sharp response: “That’s not what I need right now. Stop telling me what to do.”   After all, Anita had approached Joe to talk about her frustration with her […]

    What’s a Panic Attack?

      Tanya squeezed into the crowded elevator. She was running five minutes late for a meeting and now wished she hadn’t taken the time for a second cup of coffee that morning. Suddenly she became keenly aware of the number of people packed into the small space. Then she noticed that her breathing felt a […]

    The Hidden Dangers of Meaning Well

      The day Becky unexpectedly lost her job, her first reaction was shock. Worse, her husband Bill, who was struggling with multiple sclerosis, was barely able to move — much less work. How would she tell him?   So Becky decided not to tell Bill until she could get another job, when there was a […]

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