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    John Gallagher, LMHC

    Couples Therapy

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    I want to tell you that as long as there’s hope of making things better, there’s a chance to rebuild your relationship, recapture those feelings from long ago, develop new feelings of fondness you never had, and move forward with your partner toward a better, healthier, and happier future.

    All couples face challenges. Some common issues include loss of intimacy, affairs, conflict with in-laws, child-rearing difficulties, medical problems, work-related stress, and addiction. Couples often get stuck in negative cycles of attacking and emotional withdrawal, which can create an adversarial dynamic. Over time, couples can lose sight of the bonds they share and the joy that originally brought them close together.

    Sadly, too many relationships needlessly end or simply survive in a state of perpetual unhappiness. It doesn’t have to be that way. I have expertise in helping couples change unwanted patterns of conflict and disconnection. As your therapist, I’ll immediately begin collaborating with both of you on a plan to develop a new and more loving relationship. After we carefully identify the factors leading to the problems, I’ll begin applying the scientifically proven method of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

    In this method of treatment, couples learn to speak with one another in kinder and more genuine ways. This softer and more collaborative communication style allows couples to resolve old conflicts and create more loving interactions. This results in an improved relationship based on trust and mutual support.

    My priority is to make you both feel as comfortable as possible throughout the therapy process. You’ll never feel judged or belittled. Whatever comes up in session, I strive to create a safe environment for both partners. Therapy will begin with a carefully structured four-session intake. Although the length of therapy varies depending on the issues, many couples report major positive changes in 8 to 20 sessions.

    Research tells us that people are happiest when they are in secure and loving relationships. As a specialist in couples therapy I am highly skilled and very motivated to help you achieve your happiness. Let’s get started.

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