• Signs That You Should Try Couples Counseling

    pexels-photo-94898You’ve probably heard of couples counseling and may have even looked into finding a licensed counselor nearest you. But, is your relationship at a state where it needs this sort of help? How do you know if you’re just wasting your time or maybe just overreacting?


    Well, after assessing this list of possible signs, you probably can figure out if your relationship would benefit from couples therapy. Odds are, with any problem big or small, couples therapy will improve your relationship in one way or another.


    Here are a just a few signs that you and your partner might consider couples counseling:


    Communication Difficulties 

    Communication is often the number one culprit for conflict among couples (or any relationship in general). Many people find it difficult to communicate their feelings without letting their emotions take over. That’s why an unbiased third party can truly help with communication. Therapists treat both partners equally, not placing the blame on a single person and helping guide couples to uncover the source of their problems.


    If you feel like your relationship is struggling with communication problems or you’d simply like to learn how to form open communication, then couples therapy might just be for you.


    Financial Disputes

    Another huge factor that couples argue over is finances. Compatibility over finances is necessary because this is quite often a subject that many stress over. Learning how to work through these issues through compromise and communication is key to a successful future. A therapist can help you form this crucial foundation.


    Parenting Conflicts

    If you and your partner have a family together, there are bound to be conflicts over parenting. However, if these problems persist continuously then it is probably time to see a counselor. Making your relationship stronger will not only benefit you, but also your family.


    Issues with Intimacy 

    Intimacy and physical closeness are just as important to a strong relationship as mentality and communication. Issues with intimacy extend farther than sex. Little acts of intimacy like goodbye kisses, hugs, or holding hands can be a necessary relationship strengthener. Couples counseling can assist you with forming that vital physical bond.


    Drug or Alcohol Use 

    Bad habits and addiction are a cause for conflict in any relationship. Drug or alcohol addiction can have negative consequences relating to physical, mental, financial, and social states. A therapist can help work out these issues through communication and professional guidance. Don’t let something that can be eliminated, end your relationship.



    Problems with adultery and infidelity are definitely a large factor that can destroy any strong relationship. But if you and your partner are ready to communicate and resolve your issues, then couples counseling can help you. Why not give it a try before you throw in the towel?


    Distance or detachment

    If you or your partner feel distant from the other or you find yourselves becoming almost strangers, then couples therapy can truly help you. Problems like this one can be improved through communication and exercises to renew your relationship.
    Couples counseling is beneficial for a variety of relationship situations. But if you are looking for a clear sign that couples counseling is a process you would benefit from, these are definite signs. If you realize that your relationship is suffering for one of these reasons, contact a local licensed counselor like John Gallagher. You could soon be on your way to a much happier and healthier relationship.

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