• Finding a Therapist

    Why is therapy helpful?

    Many people won’t seek out therapy because they believe they don’t need it or they are nervous about the process in general.   Keeping things to yourself will eventually take a toll on your mental health.  Verbalizing your feelings has a positive impact on your brain. Talking about everyday struggles and sharing your joy with another human will improve your mental health.   Of course a friend or partner can be a great resource, but they don’t have the same objectivity or the expertise that a licensed therapist can offer.  And sometimes that objectivity and expertise can make a crucial difference in solving a problem when you are at a stuck point.

    How do I know if I found the right therapist?

    Research shows that a trusting relationship with a therapist helps people make positive change.  Clients who like and trust their therapists do best.  Find a counselor who is caring and knowledgeable, someone you can feel comfortable with.  A trained professional can offer you much relief from a troubled existence and give you honest feedback about the feelings and emotions you are experiencing.   Unsolved problems cause stress, and stress ultimately steals away some of your happiness and wellbeing.

    How can it help?

    A professional can give you a fresh point-of-view and calm your anguish. You won’t always get the answer you want to hear, but you may discover new possibilities.  A supportive therapeutic relationship with a counselor can make an immense difference.   There is no need to suffer alone or remain “stuck” due to a problem.

    Therapy services available via Telehealth.