• 3 Gifts That Are Perfect for the Holidays — and Every Day

    Everyone’s searching for that perfect holiday gift for their partner this time of year. While we can’t help you pick out jewelry, clothing or even a gift card, we’ve got suggestions for three gifts we think your partner will love — and you won’t even have to wrap them.

    1. The gift of validation: Even if you don’t agree with your partner, acknowledge their feelings. Listen and respond non-defensively, even if what they say about you is hard to hear. Use “you” statements rather than “I” statements, such as, “You feel that I’ve let you down.” Mirror back their feelings by restating what they’ve said to you in your own words. Validating your partner’s experience demonstrates how their feelings matter to you.
    2. The gift of your time: You can’t have a strong relationship without putting time into it — time alone together, time for physical intimacy and time for shared experiences. Time is the most precious thing anyone has, and it’s important to share it generously with those you love. It’s not just a two-week vacation that counts; it’s the little bits of time each day that also make a difference. Schedule a ten-minute reconnect at the end of each day — or take a morning walk together.
    3. The gift of presence: When you’re with your partner, be fully in the moment with them. Give them your complete attention. Put the phone away, turn off the TV and listen intently. Ask questions. Whatever else is going on in your life with work, the kids or your extended family, set it aside for the moment and be fully present with your partner.

    Bonus gift: Give the gift of space. Allow your partner the independence they need outside of their relationship with you. Take care of some household chores so he can go for a run, encourage a night out with her friends or pay the fee for that photography class you keep hearing about. When your partner is content and complete as a person, that’s a gift to both of you.

    Give yourself the gift of a happy, fulfilling relationship. And if you need professional help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Couples Therapy Orlando. We’ve been helping Central Florida couples for over 20 years. You can receive a complimentary phone consultation to see if Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy is right for you.

    Couples Therapy Orlando wishes you a warm and joyous holiday season with your partner and your family — and a happy and healthy New Year.

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