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    The Body and Mind Connection You Need to Understand

    For centuries now, the leading theory in psychology and neuroscience has been that the body and the mind are largely disconnected. It’s called the dualist viewpoint but recent studies show it may be unraveling. Researchers at the University of Cologne in Germany are studying how our perceptions about mind and body connection impact health and […]

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    Are You Making These Depression & Anxiety Mistakes?

    Depression and anxiety are tricky beasts to deal with.  The laundry list of reasons includes: overwhelming swells of negative emotion blocking out any and all optimism and the inability to respond to setbacks with pragmatism and reason. These are just a few examples of the challenges people living with depression and anxiety experience. If we’re […]

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    These 6 Brain Hacks Can Increase Your Happiness (Part 2)

    As promised, this week will be the sequel to the previous post about how to hack your brain into feeling happier. We already covered willpower, bypassing your brain’s processing gateways via sense of smell, and changing the stories we tell ourselves to promote optimism. Here are the last three ways you can trick your brain […]

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    These 6 Brain Hacks Can Increase Your Happiness (Part 1)

    Sonja Lyubomirsky is an academic researcher and professor at the University of California Riverside. She’s dedicated most of her career to studying human happiness. A skeptic might ask, “what can science tell us about happiness or being happier?” As it turns out, the answer is quite a lot. Lyubomirsky defines happiness as “the experience of […]

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    Couples Therapy as A Wellness Strategy?

    Self-care and wellness are on the rise. Which means activities that have once been met with reluctance or uncertainty are now seeming more desirable and appealing. This includes therapy—couples therapy, in particular. In some ways, it’s interesting to see this new wave of wellness creeping into the relationship space. But in others, it’s curious why […]

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    What You Don’t Know About Your Anxiety

    The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that around 18.1% of all adults in the United States—40 million individuals between ages 18 and 54—suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. What many people don’t know is that anxiety is a natural emotional and biological response to a perceived threat. Those feelings of dread and fear […]

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    Three Things About Couples Therapy That Everyone Gets Wrong

    Dr. Margaret Rutherford, Ph.D, has been a privately practicing psychologist for over 20 years. Southern-raised and a two-time divorcee, she knows a thing or two about relationships. Dr. Rutherford is passionate about ending the stigma surrounding couples therapy and responding to common misconceptions.   Dr. Rutherford believes that the “very wise couple doesn’t wait until […]

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    Top Concerns of Men Who Seek Therapy

    For a lot of men, the idea of therapy is about as off-putting as a nightmare. You know the one—where you show up wearing nothing but your underwear. The opportunity to lay bare their most private thoughts, emotions, and shortcomings is not something many men pursue. In fact, it’s more “typical” for men to resist […]

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    Three Common Couple’s Therapy Myths Debunked

    Relationships are some of the most complex and dynamic facets of being human. It’s no surprise that navigating these waters can get messy and sometimes things go awry. Whether it’s to address the indiscretions of a partner or dysfunctional communication skills, there are many benefits to couples’ therapy. However, due to the intricate and delicate […]

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    The Many Faces Of Mindfulness Practice

    Mindfulness can improve our experience of life in many ways. While these improvements may be stark and significant for some, for others the benefits of regular mindfulness practice may be more subtle and nuanced. Nancy Darling, Ph.D and professor of Psychology and Oberlin college, suggests we approach mindfulness from four main directions. 1. Mindfulness as […]

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