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    Top Concerns of Men Who Seek Therapy

    For a lot of men, the idea of therapy is about as off-putting as a nightmare. You know the one—where you show up wearing nothing but your underwear. The opportunity to lay bare their most private thoughts, emotions, and shortcomings is not something many men pursue. In fact, it’s more “typical” for men to resist […]

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    Three Common Couple’s Therapy Myths Debunked

    Relationships are some of the most complex and dynamic facets of being human. It’s no surprise that navigating these waters can get messy and sometimes things go awry. Whether it’s to address the indiscretions of a partner or dysfunctional communication skills, there are many benefits to couples’ therapy. However, due to the intricate and delicate […]

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    The Many Faces Of Mindfulness Practice

    Mindfulness can improve our experience of life in many ways. While these improvements may be stark and significant for some, for others the benefits of regular mindfulness practice may be more subtle and nuanced. Nancy Darling, Ph.D and professor of Psychology and Oberlin college, suggests we approach mindfulness from four main directions. 1. Mindfulness as […]

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    A Deep Dive Into Emotionally Focused Couple’s Therapy (EFT)

    The practice of EFT which was developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and DR. Leslie Greenberg is based on 50 years of research into bonding and attachment theory—both mother and child, and romantic bonds. The main function of EFT is to serve as a map to what truly matters in intimate relationships, what works, what goes […]

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    Are You Making These Two Relationship Mistakes?

    Unfortunately, disagreements are a hallmark of any relationship. They come and go throughout a relationship’s duration for various reasons. Disagreements seem to be unavoidable; while some resolve themselves naturally, others tend to reoccur. However, it’s not necessarily the conflicts themselves that may have lasting impacts, but the ways in which partners respond to those conflicts. […]

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    A Relational Dance: The Protest Polka

    In a distressed voice Mary asked Steve:  “how could you forget to pay the auto insurance?”   Steve did not respond, but instead seemed only to gaze off stone-faced into the distance.  Mary felt frustration run through her body as she thought “he couldn’t care less.”  She lashed out verbally “What’s wrong with you, answer me!” […]

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    Love and Brain Cells

    Have you ever noticed that you can sense what your partner feels, even without exchanging words?  For instance, have you ever been able to sense when your partner is worried, sad or upset?  Have you ever felt sadness within yourself while comforting a sad loved one?  Have you ever felt embarrassment for a loved one […]

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    Men and Depression

    Many men believe depression is unmanly and weak. This thought often prevents men from seeking counseling but these are false assumptions. It is estimated that well over 6 million men develop depression each year.  Once we understand that depression is not a weakness nor is it abnormal, we can heal. There are many causes of […]

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    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    Most of us suffer an episode of depression at one time or another. It’s frustrating, it’s paralyzing at times, and it’s uncomfortable.  A person can feel that life will never return to normal. A person who is depressed can feel completely unmotivated. Clinical depression can cause episodes of fatigue. Many people have complained that since […]

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    The Happiness Set Point

    We are a more relaxed society and whatever we want is there for the taking. Technology has made a difference, and entertainment is big these days. There is something for everyone.  But, if the power goes out, will we still be happy?   Years ago, depending on where you lived, there were 3 channels to […]

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